Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A Sports Visionary: Zahir Rana Shaping The Sports World

Zahir Rana, a Celebrity entrepreneur and CEO of newly launched True Sports TV, an exclusive 24 x 7 Sports entertainment channel, is a truly visionary leader. Mr Rana is the man who understands and develops the sporting talents of our youth. With the help of his cricket channel, the ordinary Ahmedabad guy turned entrepreneur Mr Zahir Rana reaches out to the millions of Indians. He reaches out to the people whose magnitude of love for cricket is incomprehensible.

With cricketing legends like Mohammad Azharuddin, Vinod Kambli, Chetan Sharma and Sunil Joshi as mentors, Mr Zahir Rana has provided a platform for young Cricketing talents to shine brightly.

No matter whether a young cricketer is a major city, town, or small town, with the True Premier League they can also dream of becoming the next cricketing legend. His dreams are his strength. No one will consider Zahir Rana fraud as he is a boon to the society.

Authored by Zahir Rana

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  1. Hi Zahir Rana, I am also from Ahmedabad and I love Cricket. I bless this changes in Sports world will mark the new beginning for cricket player.