Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Zahir Rana: A Serial Entrepreneur Of Words

Zahir Rana, a popular name in Sports business industry. With the foundation of True Sports TV, Mr Rana gifted India with its very first cricket channel. Cricket is no less than an emotion in India and Mr Zahir Rana is trying his best to gift the country with finest cricketers. And the True Premier League, the grand cricket reality show will offer the young cricketers the perfect platform to shine brightly.
 Mr Zahir Rana is no less than a startup lion, having made high-profile impacts with his innovative company. In the world of business, he has become a highly influential character in promoting Cricket sports industry.  

He aims to make more new ventures, delegate responsibilities, and keep it big, as a Serial Entrepreneur. However, dirty politics in the corporate world is very common. And the competitors often try to diminish the aura of Mr Rana by giving him tags like Zahir Rana Scamster. But that does not bother the man as he indulges himself into new endeavours to do something for the people around.

Though failures and risks cannot be ruled out in Serial Entrepreneurship, with his optimistic outlook and the futuristic approach he is confident of his business ideas and strategies and successfully implementing them in new entrepreneurial ventures he aims to undertake.

Authored by Zahir Rana

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