Thursday, 15 June 2017

Zahir Rana offering the young cricketers the support that they need

Cricket is the most followed game in India and people follow the game like a religion. Hence, the competition among the cricketers is very high and so is the selection process to the national team. Most of the young cricketers get lost in the oblivion due to the lack of a platform where they can showcase their talent.
zahir rana at tpl launch
But that situation is about to change. Zahir Rana with his True Premier League is bringing the first ever sports reality show to the Indian television. It will serve as the platform where the young cricketers will be able to showcase their talents directly to the Indian audience.

But in the business world politics is something constant. And when someone tries to do something good, the rivals try to foil the plans. So, Mr Zahir Rana also had to face several false allegations like Zahir Rana fraud and Zahir Rana scam. But he prevailed through everything to fulfil his dream of taking the Indian cricket to the highest level.

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